What is photorealism?

The Animated Theories of Clement Greenberg   When I critique Clement Greenberg, I am not talking about the obvious critiques. Which are nicely put together in the video above. 1. Since Abstract Expressionism is popular within the commercial setting, isn’t it kitsch? […]

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Gyarados as the Leviathan

Gyarados as the Leviathan Aby Warburg once traveled the world studying culture. He arrived at the conclusion that the only consistent symbol between all of the worlds religions, is the Serpent as a symbol of evil. Thus, the serpent is […]

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Can Commercial Art be Fine Art?

Can Commercial Art be Fine Art? If the artist isn’t poor, then the artist isn’t making “real” art. As a matter of fact real art is priceless. Like many of the capital goods produced in today’s world, if it wasn’t made from […]

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Painting is my Religion

To know one’s spiritual “other” exists, is in direct contradiction to belief, belief is blind. Plato defines belief as the opposite of knowledge. The consistencies in the development of spirituality, can be explained via the consistencies in human biology. Like […]

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  • The Subjective Perversion of Art

The Grand Perversion

  The Grand Perversion “What is perversion? It is not simply an aberration in relation to social criteria, an anomaly contrary to good morals, although this register is not absent, nor is it an atypicality according to natural criteria, namely […]

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Camera Phones and Art; The Selfie as an Artistic Movement

An artistic movement is a tendency or style, usually followed by a group of artists within a specific time. Content that’s created specifically for selfies, is a relatively new artform. The idea combines photography, interactive art, conceptual art, and performance […]

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Daniel Sprick Exhibit Fictions

  A review on the Denver Art Museum’s Exhibit “Fictions” by Artist Daniel Sprick. I visited a few friends galleries over the past few months, and I’ve thrown a few shows myself. I remember wandering into the art museum, and […]

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How to Paint Realistic Portraiture

How to Paint Realistic Portraiture: The first step to creating a realistic oil painting has always been the Under-painting. I know it sounds tedious, but this is a very important step. Da Vinci would create perfect under-drawings before he even begun […]

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